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Company history, technique 2020 CT350 Comet T EH, parallel test option New modules: DM1G, XIMP20, PSM2M Software: Supplements Digitaltest, supplements Logging & Statistics, TCP/IP Interface, new functions 2017 New modules: SA5-E, AM30-4B, CDM24 Software: Supplements to CAN, new functions, color analyzer test, server based repair station 2015 New modules: UEM3, XPR5, DM300-32HV Software: Supplements to the logging, new functions, extended Boundary Scan test, integration of Göpel-BST 2013 Compact   tester   CT350   Comet   C,   control   module     SM2-5 with new processor, thermo streamer 2011 High voltage relay matrix SC370, 370 Vss 2010 Test     system     for     optoelectronic     measurements, CT300 Satellite opto, universal interface module UIF 2009 CT350   Comet T,   analog   module AM30-4,   Boundary Scan Test, new Tester Operating System “TestOS4” 2007 Semiconductor-   and   combinational   tester      CT350 Comet   R   and   CT3xx   Power   Rack,   digital   module   with timing   per   pin,   new   PMU   module   and   high   speed   scope module 2006 Semiconductor-    and    components    tester    CT350 Comet S, innovative scanners, new test     procedures, high pin count interfaces 2005 High    speed    combinational    tester,    Series    CT300 with   CT300   Galaxy,   CT300   Meteor   and   CT300   Satellite, test systems for railway security technique T-B2 2004 Board   tester,   semiconductor   tester   and   final   tester CT300   basic   system   with   USB2.0   interface   (480   Mbit/s), high    voltage    and    power    module,   T-B1    test    system    for railway security technique
2003 New   MDA   techniques,   high   speed   logic,   fast     pulse     measurement     procedures     for     automotive modules 2001 High   speed   combinational   testers   CT250   and CT250M,   chip   card   tester   DAT100-CC,   developments for high speed transmission techniques STM1, STM4 1999 ATM    tester    DAT-ATM    for    testing    UTOPIA, CellBus,   ATM   transmission   techniques   by   using   of RISC/DSP, ATM switches, GTL 1998 Function   tester   DAT500   with   500   MS/s   analog and   1024   digital   channels,   development   of   internet working units for ATM 1997 Tester   DAT-IrDA   for   infrared   transceiver   com - po nents, test equipment for ATM, STM-1, STM-4 1996 Digital   analog   tester   DAT100M   with   100   MS/s analog   and   1024   digital   channels,   custom   specific test   equipment   for   testing   SPS   different   busses,   VAX bus, VME bus 1995 Digital   analog   tester   DAT100   with   100   MS/s analog    and    256    digital    channels,    development    of      Gigabit   Transceivers   for   fiber   optic,   Fiber   Channel standard 1993 Digital   tester   DT30   with   50   MS/s   digital   with 88 channels,   software   for   digital   safety   techniques   for the    middle    voltage    range    and    techniques    for    their remote accesses 1990 Digital   tester   DKTS-2   with   30   MS/s   digital   with     88 channels, developments for fiber optic TRX, FDDI
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Company was founded in 1990. More than 750 test systems are in use internationally.
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