AOI Components Cameras   Different types   Color and grey scale cameras   CMOS- and CCD sensors   Interfaces USB, Ethernet,     GigE   Shielding   Illumination   Diffusely and homo- geneously   LED square illuminator   LED area illuminator   LED strip illuminator   Reflections and ambient light will be     considered   Use of shielding for ambient light   Software    Industry specific software   One of the best software libraries    Powerful "software assistant"    Cost effective run time licenses are available
LED Color Recognition
Complete Combinational Test MDA/ICT, FT, BST, AOI   A single adapter can integrate all test variants   AOI fully integrated in the tester operating system “Test OS”   Convenient program development   Coupling with the paperless repair station   Logging to each test step   Excellent price-performance ratio Applications   Testing the presence, position, polarity of components   Testing parts which are parallel connected, e.g. electrolytic capacitors   Optical character recognition  (OCR)   LC- and LED display evaluation   Distance and angle measurement   Teach-in functions for the tester  programming   Cost reduction for adapters   Position of mechanical components   Pattern recognition   Reducing the number of spring contacts in the adapter   Short test times  Text and Pattern Recognition
Automatic Optical Inspection with CT3XX
Polarity Test 
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