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 Debugging Functions
Combinational Test Advisor CTest Advisor
Software Package for Development and Execution of Test Functions
Combinational Test System CT3XX
External Measurement Devices
Main Parts
Realizations, Sequences
Deve- loper
Run Time
 Test Editor     Templates     Teach-in Functions     Test Pool
 Board Data Import for ICT  ASCII Data Import for FT
 Program Generation     Background Compiler     ICT with automatic     Program Generator APG
 Test Sequence Controlling  Sequencer Engine
 Initial Inputs  via Matrix Code, Bar Code, Keyboard     UUT, Type, Serial Number, Charge Number, …     Tester Configuration     User Groups     Operator     Logging Setup  Single or Combinational Tests with          ICT      FT     BST    AOI  Single- or Panel Tests, Inline Tests  Controlling of External Devices and Components     GPIB, CAN, RS232, RS485, LAN/Ethernet, SPI,     I²C, SCPI, LIN  External Software Modules     EXE, DLL, CMD  Library Functions  Prepared Program Parts  Breakpoints, Loops  Test Step and Sequence Controlling  Special Logging Functions
 Binary CT3XX Standard Data Bank *.ctlog  ASCII Logging  SQL Data Bank
 Statistic, Evaluation
 Test Coverage Analyzer  Measurement Data Distribution  Machine- and Process Capability  SQL Data Bank Interface  Pareto Diagram
 Repair Station
 Test Data Bank Access  Defect Visualization  Repair Messages, Comments
 Self Tests and Calibration
 Hardware- and Software Modules
 Test Program Management
 Management Local or on Central Server    Test Program Safety via Signatures  Test Program Release
 Adapter Management
 Wiring Plan  Documentation
 Software Application Ready  Modules        ARM
 SW Modules - developed through Dr. Eschke Elektronik  - Modules for special application environments  - Demo modules with the delivered test board  - Modules for viewing
 Customer Modules
 SW Modules - developed through customers
 User Level Management
 Software Modules
Tester Application Areas Automotive, Aviation, Railway Techniques, Measurement Technology, Medical Electronics, Controlling Electronics, Telecommunications, Entertainment Electronics, Data Processing, Safety Electronics