Boundary Scan Test BST-CT3XX   Real and complete combinational test with BST, MDA/ICT, functional test and AOI   The BST is fully integrated in the tester operating system “Test OS”   Only one adapter for all test types, incl. BST   Compact test program MDA, FT, BST   Exact logging for each test step   Direct coupling with paperless repair station   Total product "under one roof"   CT3XX with dynamic high-speed tests   Special additional hardware for the BST is not necessary   The digital modules DM300 can be used for - Boundary Scan Test hardware interface - Digital tests
Boundary Scan Test BST-CT3XX
Simple coupling to the test system The test object is simply coupled directly to the digital module DM300. The controlling is completely performed via the tester operating screen. There are no costs for otherwise relatively expensive and specialized test access modules. The DM300 is normally installed in each test system for functional tests. One (1) digital module can simultaneously control parallel 4 BST chains. The data rate is determined here only through the test object. The digital module realizes up to 300 Mbit/s.
Example for the easy BS T controlling
. . . 011101001011   . . .
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