CT300 Meteor Modular combinational tester for functional tests and ICT / MDA
  Function test 5GS/s analog   Function test 1500 MS/s digital   ICT test pins: max. 1728 (14 Slots)                            max. 2736 (21 Slots)   Parallel tests > 2500 Parts/s   Powerful test operating system   Grafical user interface   Panel and multisite test
19’’ Systems    CT300 Meteor 14 with 14 slots    CT300 Meteor 21 with 21 slots
  Test coverage analysis   Paperless repair station   PCB-CAD Import   Automatic program generator   Convenient Debugging   Logging   Statistic   Self test and self adjustment
Coupling the adapter with standard flat cables or with optional High Pin Count Interface (HPC-IF) Controlling of In-line and handling systems
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