Application for In-circuit and Functional Tests with Power Supply up to 6000 W
CT350 Comet PR with Power Rack,  High Pin Count Interface, Monitor and PC
Overview to the Power Rack   19’’ System    AC/DC Power supplies up to 6000 W    Electronic loads    Arbitrary waveform    Power switching modules HPSM1    Logging- and statistic functions    Completely controlled by the tester  operator screen    On table optional usable shelf part Special advantage The Power Rack can be used as extension for all systems of the CT300 / CT350 Series.
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High Pin Count Interface  Advantage:    Very fast adapter exchange
  ICT test points: max. 2736   CAD data import   Automatic program generator   Full graphic operator screen   Powerful debugging tools   Test coverage analysis   Paperless repair station   Logging and statistic functions   High Pin Count-Interface   Handler and adapter controlling   On table optional usable shelf part
  Innovative combinational test   Mixed signal tests   1500 MS/s digital, 5 GS/s analog   Amplitude resolution 24 bit   Current measurement resolution 1 pA   Controlling power supplies up to 10 kW   Fast pulse measurement procedures   Interface Tester <=> PC: High Speed USB   Short test times, high throughput   Modular system   Concurrent engineering   Complete problem solutions   Fast and reliable support  Very good price-performance ratio
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